Palette vs Transporter - Art by Pixels

The Prime Erigon had an idea--a tricksy, clever plan in which to bring more deviousness on the lands of Kasuria. The Second Dreaming's magics are growing stronger, and with it, more creatures are coming into being! If the do-gooding trio of Syndira, Jujinka, and Beekin can craft together the Drakkins, surely Prime Erigon, Purveyor of Poisons and Trickery, can do the same.

After much deliberation, Erigon hatched the idea of the Jackalope. These lapine-like creatures will have antlers, and be vile in their trickery, just like him. They are, after all, Mythical Ferians! It is Erigon's desire for these new creatures, these Jackalopes, to be able to poison others. As Erigon himself has poison breath, he feels it to be only fitting.

Erigon's plotting and planning has a problem. He couldn't help but boast of his new idea. It is understandable, as it is a cunning that could change Kasuria forever!

However, Wevvin and Sek, the Primes of Translocation and Space, have caught wind of this idea, and enlisted the help of another. Syndira and the twin Primes plotted their own ways to help.

"We know they will be tricky," said the twins, Wevvin and Sek. "That much is already in play. But instead of poison, what if these Jackalopes cause confusion by appearing to switch places with another? That's very disorienting, it might just work!"

Syndira nodded, though she had her own idea. "True, true. That would work.. but what if the Jackalope were to steal the colors from another?" she suggested. "That would be very devious as well."

Wevvin and Sek nodded, and the the three continued their deliberations. Which would be better? None could decide.

And here is where you come in! For a limited time, we are allowing you to help decide what Magic Ability a new Mythical Ferian will have! When you buy the Presale, be careful to to make sure that you pick the vote you wish! If you wish for the Jackalope to appear to switch positions, be sure to purchase the presale with the Transporter! If you would rather the Jackalope to steal colors, grab the presale with the Palette! Either way, the desctag will stay with you for a year!

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Which magic ability will win?

Transporter 21    vs.    Palette 18

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