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There are many resources directly related to Furcadia that can provide assistance to you, without the need of contacting an in-game source for more information. Most always, these available resources are ignored, and provided by the Beekin Helpers when asked. Naturally, they will gladly continue to do so, but, if you're independently looking for more information, please consult the following addresses.

As always, if you're having any problems finding general Furcadia information,'s Site Map may be of particular use to you.

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Configuring Permanent Ignores

So, you're wondering how to set up permanent ignores? Currently, two options are available. Optionally, it should be noted that you can ignore players directly within Furcadia by typing "ignore Player's|Name" (without the quotations).

While in Furcadia, click on the "C" tab in the lower left hand corner of your screen. Secondly, click on the button that says "Edit My Settings". Scroll through the configuration tabs until you see "Ignores". Afterwards, select the "Ignores" tab. Then, check the "Save Ignored Names" box.

Enter the player's name in the "Add Player" line, and hit the "Add" button -- make sure to also press the "Save" button! From now on, anytime you ignore a player, Furcadia will remember the ignore section and you'll still be ignoring them the next time you log into Furcadia.

The second option involves locating your Furcadia directory -- for most, this is located within your "Program Files" directory on your C drive.

In your Furcadia directory, you will need to find a file entitled "settings.ini" and open it. Scroll down to the end of the file, and you will find a section about the use of the ignore tagline. At the very end of the document, where "[ignores]" is written, do the following:

On the line directly under "[ignores]", type the name of the player you wish to ignore. If there are more than one players that you wish to ignore, make sure that each one is on a separate line. For example:



When you are finished writing the names of those you wish to ignore, be sure to save the file. You can do this by selecting "File", and then scrolling down to "Save". Exit out of the file. (Please note that this does not take effect until you restart Furcadia, so you may wish to use the "ignore Player's|Name" command in the meantime.)

If you're encountering any problems, please ensure that you're not using a proxy or any third-party device. Such programs may hinder your ability to fully ignore another player.

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Retrieving Log Files and Adjusting Their Settings

To retrieve your log file, locate your Furcadia directory -- again, for most, this is located within your "Program Files" directory on your C drive. Within your Furcadia folder, find another folder called "Logs" and open it. All of your log files should be saved within this folder -- what is precisely saved here will depend on which setting you currently have marked within your configuration settings (located within the "Configuration and Troubleshooting" program included with Furcadia). If there are no log files within this folder, check your configuration settings to ensure Furcadia is saving your logs.

To check your configuration settings for log files, log into Furcadia and click the "C" tab on your control panel. Look for a small button within the middle that says "Edit My Settings" and click this. A new window will pop up -- please click the top button which is titled "Configuration". Under the "General" tab, near the bottom, there is a field labeled "Logfile Saving". This gives you four choices for saving log files, which we'll now explain.

Replace the old log: This option will overwrite your log file every time you log into Furcadia with any character, erasing the log that was there. To retrieve a log file with this option, you must log out of Furcadia, and then go into your Furcadia logs folder to save the log ile under a different name before you log back into Furcadia. Logging back in will erase your log file and start a new one with this option.

Append to the old log: This option will add the text of your new log file to the already existing log file, adding text for each new session (every time you log out and back in is a new session) to the end of the text that is already there.

Create new log files:  This option will save each log-in session as a separate text file with a unique name based on the Date and Time of your session.

Do not save log file: This option will not save any log files from any session.

If you want to be sure you are saving your log files, it's best to choose the "Append to the old log" or the "Create new log files" setting.

Please note that if you log into Furcadia with an alt while you are already logged on, your log file for the first alt may be lost no matter which option you have chosen in the configuration settings. When you are done altering your settings, click "Save" at the bottom of the configuration window to save and close it. Be sure to test your new settings to make sure they are working. If you have additional problems with saving log files, try contacting the Beekin Helpers in Furcadia for additional assistance. 

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