Danival's 2011 Winter Festival

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Our annual Danival's Winter Festival, located in the Festival Grounds on the Vinca, is sure to put you in the spirit for winter. Help us celebrate the joys of the season, including Furcadia's 15th birthday (December 16th), Furcadia-style! This year, we're offering four (a Winter Dream Contest, a Patching Contest, a Coloring Contest, and a Furcadian Recipe Contest) of our infamous contests for you to participate in, with a few unique twists. Have we managed to spark your curiosity? Slip and slide around this page for more details or visit our forum discussion thread to ask any questions that you may have. Here's wishing you Happy Holidays!

The Festival will feature sleigh rides, mistletoe, snowball fights, stocking caps, mittens, a new community gingerbread house, and, of course, let's not forget plenty of snow!

Expect to see various members of Dragon's Eye Productions with fun and exciting ways to celebrate the coldest (thus, coolest!) festival of the year!

If you have any questions, please visit the Forum thread!

General Contest Information ]

Theme: A Taste of Winter

  • All entries are to be sent to the specialized submission form!
  • All entries must be received by 11:59pm FST on December 19th!
  • The contests will be prejudged before posting and finalists will be posted on the Festival page and in the dream.
  • Upon submission, you grant Dragon's Eye Productions permission to post your work and share it with the community. Dragon's Eye Productions may post, edit, and distribute creative contributions made through contests freely to players and for promotion of Furcadia.
  • Any entries not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and none are guaranteed a prize.
  • All entries must conform to Furcadia's T+ standard or lower.
  • Please note that while players may enter more than one contest, only ONE entry is accepted for each contest.
  • Don't worry if you don't see your entries on the entry pages! Entries can take up to 3 days to appear on this page. Contact The Beekin Scribes if there's a problem with your entry.
Dream Contest
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Theme - A Taste of Winter

Whether it is making treats or savory goods that's your fancy, or family traditions that only happen in the coldest part of the year, everyone loves a Taste of Winter! Get together with a team or go solo, and strut your stuff by integrating Cookie DS (the better to taste with!) into a themed dream centered on A Taste of Winter!

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Coloring: Holiday Cooking!
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Theme - A Taste of Winter

Color Alluvial's picture.

  • Artists may use traditional or digital means to color the picture.
  • Please specify whether traditional or digital medium was used.
  • Only one entry permitted.
  • Traditional and digital coloring will be judged separately.
  • The image is offered at such a large size to make it printer friendly.
  • Picture must be resubmitted at 25% the size that we offer the image (570x750 pixels).
  • Picture must be submitted in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png.

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Art: Holiday Cooking Patches
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Theme - A Taste of Winter

Artists, get your pixelations ready! We're asking for five (5) patch items of holiday cooking and food objects! Please make sure that you include both the .fox file and a display graphic. Please note that all patch items will be put up for community use!

  • Please include five patch items. Multiple frames are allowed.
  • Please also include a display graphic.
  • Accepted formats are: .fox (for the patch); .gif, .png, .jpg (for the display graphic) — Please include both in a .zip file for submission.
  • Please also include a display image cataloging your patchwork into a graphic suitable for displaying on a webpage.
  • Please specify whether you are a Master or Regular Entry

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Writing: A Tasty Furcadian Recipe
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Theme - A Taste of Winter

Writers! Get your creative chef hats on! It's time to write a fictional recipe using things found in Furcadia! (Please, no pookies!) Use Furcadia's lore of various flora and fauna (no cannibalism, please, that's not very festive! ) and weave together a creative decadently yummy recipe for the season!

  • Topic: A Taste of Winter
  • Please use simple html markup such as <br /> to designate line breaks and any emphasis on words, so the Scribes do not have to guess.
  • Judges are looking for proper spelling and grammar, enticing story, as well as great detail.
  • Recipes have a maximum of 5,000 characters--this includes spaces.

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