Zombies vs Space - Art by Lhumina

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The Furcadians have spoken! Ninjas are no longer welcome in Furcadia! Three times the pirates have handily won the original Versus contest! So how about something new? What kind of pirate are you? Are you an immortal, cursed or otherwise undead zombie pirate, or a raygun-wielding, star-pillaging space pirate? Do you get your booty from high-tech heists or through eternal lifetimes of plundering? Do you need more spare parts for your ship, or your crew? Either you need brains or a hyperdrive to keep yourself moving this is the versus for you! And as usual: It's a Vote! It's a Contest! It's a Raffle!

A Vote! For every Space Pirate and Zombie Pirate vote sold, a tally will be kept. The team (Corpses or Cosmics) with the most total votes shall be declared the winner!

A Contest! You can buy as many desctags as you like. They only last two weeks, however each member of the winning team will be given a special desctag, identical in appearance, but lasting 6 months! A proud badge to show the furres of Furcadia that you participated in the 2010 Spice Pirates vs Zombie Pirates Rivalry and you came out victorious!

A Raffle! That's not all! Each and every desctag, Zombie or Spacey, is also a ticket instantly entering you in a raffle for a chance at a free SECRET For-Life Digo!! Each vote for your team is also a vote increasing your chances of getting this awesome prize! Although you CAN win the raffle even if your team doesn't triumph! If you buy ten desctags, and only one hundred desctags are sold, that's a one in ten chance that you'll win! The more you buy the greater your odds! Please keep in mind though, that there is only one prize, so focus on helping your team first!

Who will claim the Booty!?

Zombies 0    vs.    Space 0

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