Heroes vs Villains - Art by Goregoat, Am'God, Majas, Pye, Deathdog

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Heroes and Villains are archetypes we see in stories told since time immortal. In Furcadia, we have our very own pantheon of Heroes and Villains--The Primes and Dark Primes (read more: http://cms.furcadia.com/roleplay/canon/primes)! Are things always so quickly divided into good and evil? Are the forces of right so easily divined from the darkness?

Week 5: This week, we're focusing on CHANCE! This week's Hero is Chim, Lord of Luck! His counterpart is the Villain Peristane, Lord of Slavery!

Each week, there will be sales in the Digomarket commemorating each Hero or Villain for their deeds. Each of these specific sales, marked as a Hero Sale or Villain Sale will have a varying number of desctags that belong to that specific Hero or Villain. These are worth collecting, as they count as votes for the Hero or Villain!

At the end of each sale, there will be an event to find out whether the Hero or Villain prevailed in a given week! Whichever side wins will get their Hero or Villain desctag extended for a whole year!

...But wait, there's more!

Each week, we will have a drawing among all those who participated in the voting on a particular week! The winner of this drawing will receive one sales package from the Hero and Villain sales, for free!

...And still more, as a never-before-offered-prize...!!!

Each week, we will have a second drawing among all those who participated in the voting for that week. The winner of this drawing will be given the opportunity to call themselves a Quarter-Prime, and given an exclusive Desctag to prove it! That's right, for the first time ever, we are offering a way to achieve a Quarter-Prime status officially! You too, can become a Hero or a Villain!

Who will prevail?

Villains 1    vs.    Heroes 0

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