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     A player-created and player-run organization is referred to as a Guild. It's generally an OOC, not IC, entity, although it can be IC as well for some. On Furcadia, every Guild is different. It has its own rules, its own staff structure. With a few very crucial and rare exceptions, the Beekin Guardians (Furcadia's security staff) are instructed not to interfere with what happens inside private Dreams, including that of a Guild.

     If you want to maintain higher standards, you need to be in a controlled environment. For that reason, some Dreams are controlled by a Guild. Especially if you're looking for Strict RP, we recommend taking the effort to find and join one.


     A Guild can actually have multiple leaders, but for purposes such as Dream ownership, there needs to be one person ultimately responsible. The Furcadian word for the owner of a Guild is a "Rah". The Rah can give themselves powers such as appointing "lieutenants" called "Tahneests" (Tahneesta for a female).

    There are, unfortunately, many furres who won't follow rules without a definite threat that doing otherwise will get them kicked out. This is especially true in a Strict Roleplaying Guild with rules that say your character can die or be injured or be otherwise changed against your will. A Rah can choose furres to do things like enforcing the rules.

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