Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, everyone!

Kickstarter Progress

Hey there! Some of you got the wrong link last week. Here's the correct link to our Second Dreaming Kickstarter. We're doing great, already over 80% to our goal! Help spread the word, because the better we do, the more features we can add to Furcadia! As soon as we reach our target, we'll be revealing more stretch goals, and Emerald Flame will be opening up more Heartbonding and Pawfasting reward slots!

Harten & Turkey Released

Our newest avatars came out this week, say hello to the Turkey Seasonal, and for those who like deer, the Harten Ferian. To celebrate the holiday weekend, if we get to $50,000 on our Kickstarter by midnight Sunday, all backers past and future will get a free Turkey avatar!

Talzhemir's New Art Print!

Furcadia's original co-founder Talzhemir is hard at work on a new art print to go with our Second Dreaming project. We thought you'd enjoy a sneak peek, so her first concept sketch is viewable here!

Live Q&A With Dr. Cat!

Our other co-founder, Felorin, is going to be chatting and taking questions from the general public twice in the next week! Wednesday the 28th he'll be doing an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit. That will start at 2PM FST (Central Time) at Also he'll be guesting on the TopWizard channel on Twitch TV to show and talk about Furcadia and our Kickstarter project. Tune in Saturday December 1st at 3PM FST (Central) at to watch and chat live!

Last Day For Cairn RPG

If you like Anthropomorphic Roleplaying games, our friend Mike Nystul has his Kickstarter for Cairn, a pen & paper RPG, running through mid-Sunday. That's tomorrow! You can take a peek at Cairn here.

Best Wishes,

— Fel, Emmie, Gar, Talz, Ciro, Fox, Farrier, and all the rest of the team!