Greetings! We've got some big news to report!

Furcadia Kickstarter Announced!

We have just launched a Kickstarter to produce Furcadia: The Second Dreaming. This will give our world a makeover, add support for playing on the web and elsewhere, and plenty more! Our backers will get a special Kickstarter exclusive AngelCat avatar, for being such an angel by supporting our work. There’s lots of other awesome rewards available too!

Rather than just tell you all about it here, please come to our Kickstarter page for videos, screenshots, and tons more info on the new features we’re going to add to Furcadia. And please tell all your friends! (Note: It’s not a new game, so you do keep your characters and all your items, and all your dreams will still work fine.)

Latest news, events, and our survey!

Our Wolf Howl festival is drawing to a close, watch our website for info on the Winter Festival coming shortly - along with all our Winter contests! Also come check out our latest new avatars: the Gargoyle who can pose as a statue, and the Wolfling.

Purrwing Update feature list!

We’ve also added Freebie avatars to Furcadia. There’s always one available - you can play it with the golden Freebie button on tab E. This changes often, usually with seasons, holidays, or festivals. Right now it’s the Noble canine with batwings - keep a watch out to see what’ll turn up next!

Our new Survey is up, you can take it here if you like. We’re always eager to find out more about you so we can serve you better, and you get a chance to win some free DragonScales just for filling it out!

For those of you who have been away for a while, we want to tell you all about our update from earlier this year, the Purrwing Update. It’s one of the biggest ones we’ve ever done, with a lot of work by our awesome new team members, plus a bunch of new programming by Dr. Cat (that’s Felorin!). Here’s the main things we added:

World record!

We’re super proud that Furcadia made it into the Guiness Book of World Records too. But we couldn’t have kept it going for close to 16 years without all of you! Thanks, and we’ll see you in Furcadia, the first-ever and still thriving Social Online Game that lets you create and be anything you can imagine!


— Fel, Emmie, Gar, Talz, Ciro, Fox, Rei, and all the rest of the gang!