Dream Package

Dream Packages Give Dreamweavers Even More Perks!

For only $15.00 a month!

It's not quite a Group Package but it sure is close! This is the Dream Package, a monthly subscription for your dream with a lot of perks that everyone has been waiting for for years! A Dream Package gives your dream more DragonSpeak lines, way more space for PhoenixSpeak, over double the Map Space and lots more! All this is yours for $15/month. The best part? As more and more features are added to Furcadia to get ready for real Group Package, several of those features should be added to your Dream Package between now and the next update, automatically (and at no extra cost)! So what exactly is in a Dream Package? Have a look:

Dream Package Perks:

  • Red Portals. Show everyone passing by your dream that you've got the goods! Entice new players to check out your hard work and effort! Be the one to stand out in a crowd.

  • Dream Packages come with 9,999 lines of DragonSpeak to use as long as you remain a Dream Package owner - That's 2,000 more lines than regular dreams!

  • Dream Packages come with fifteen local species! That's eleven more than a silver sponsor, and thirteen more than a regular dream!

  • Dream Packages expand the map size to 300 x 300. That's over twice the map size!

  • With a Dream Package, a dreamweaver can integrate 500kb of PhoenixSpeak into their dream. With that comes the ability to have 1000 PS users, while a regular dream only has 50. Wow! Also there's no 30 day expiration if it goes unused, your info will be remembered forever!

  • Dreamweavers can use a Dream Package to expand their banish lists. A Dream Package offers 512 lines of banish entries (regular dreams have 256 lines) to keep your dream's atmosphere just the way you like it.

  • A Dream Package offers a special crown desctag for the Rah of the dream. Show everyone who reigns supreme in your neck of the woods. Go ahead, you deserve it! Plus you also get two Taneest/Taneesta tags for those special people that help you run your dream.

  • You can use the `noendurance command. This allows the uploader (or anyone they nominate, be it player or bot) to perform as many actions as they like in the dream, and never get the "your throat is tired" message.

  • Uploaders are able to see who is emitting and ejecting within the dream.

  • The uploader or Rah can put in an application post on this thread to have your dream upload spot reserved, for free, for as long as you maintain your dream package subscription! Only you will be able to upload on the special red pad at your reserved spot.

Click here to purchase a Dream Package today!


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