Furcadia - The Second Dreaming!!
Canen Ferian
In Memory of 'Baby' 1995-2010

The Canen Ferian was made by the Furcadia artist: Tiggerbaby. Creator of the Unicorn, Panooki Ferian and who is perhaps best known for her work in making the Noble avatars. At the beginning of 2010, Tiggerbaby's mother passed away of natural causes leaving her aging dog, 'Baby'. A constant, steadfast companion to Tiggerbaby's mother, Baby was never-the-less an old dog and passed away this spring.

When the Canen Ferian was first proposed, Tiggerbaby submitted a design based on Baby. Baby will live on in memory. He will be loved, missed and remembered by all those who knew him. He lived a long and loving life. From being found by Tiggerbaby's mother as a stray at her work. A goofball from the start, Baby was constantly stealing the hearts of everyone with his cuteness and skills like rolling over, begging, shaking hands, sleeping at the foot of beds, and giving loving kisses. Tigger believes Baby is with her mother even now and will always be remembered in the smallest ways like her Mommy always will be too.


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